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Serge Must Die Issue #1 (ebook)


Image of Serge Must Die Issue #1 (ebook)

First edition of Serge Must Die: Leicester DIY Queer Punk Report. This issue is about Glitterfest and the origins of INTRSKTR. Written under the alias Synth Void.

Ebook on PDF format. Choose either tablet/ereader ready (one page per sheet, to be read digitally) or printable (two pages per A4 shit, ready to be printed and folded to your heart's content). You'll be sent the file via email as soon as you pay. Promise. 💖

High-quality print version coming soon.

Content warning: mentions of sexual harassment, sexism, abuse at gigs, transphobia, bigotry, white feminist basic bullshit, "security" brutality, "war on drugs", mental and physical health issues, bullying, separation.

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